Mr. Yoyothrower

Mild-mannered elementary school teacher by day, yoyo throwing wizard by night (and on weekends) - Canadian yoyo champion, Jeremy McKay!

Jeremy started yoyoing in 2009 along with some of his students - and Mr. Yoyothrower was born. He never goes anywhere without a yoyo on his belt, and now runs the Vancouver Yoyo Club, is President of the Canadian Yoyo Association, and has competed in both national and international competitions.

Mr. Yoyothrower can be found performing all over the Lower Mainland of Vancouver - at parades, festivals, corporate events, variety shows, birthday parties, day camps, and workshops. His show brings to life the modern high-tech evolution of one of the world's oldest toys.


Combining his passion for teaching and his passion for yoyoing is just natural. In addition to wonderfully-choreographed yoyo performances, Jeremy loves to show kids of all ages (and yes, grownups too,) the basics of yo.

Yoyo sales are a great way to raise money for your school, church, sports team or any organization! For teachers they are a great way to raise funds for charity as part of a lesson on community. Click here for more information.

Yoyo workshops can be anything from one-on-one private coaching to groups of 12 (groups of more than 12 people can be accommodated with an assistant). Yoyoing is great for hand-eye coordination, and parents love the opportunity for their kids to learn a non-digital activity.

A yoyo show and lesson normally lasts about an hour. The show begins with interactive demonstration and performance of the five different styles of yoyoing, including the science and physics of how they work. After this, each participant gets their own yoyo to keep, and Mr. Yoyothrower guides them through several tricks, putting them on the path to amazing their friends with their yoyo skills!

Yoyo birthday parties are best for kids 5 and up, but don't make the mistake of thinking that yoyos are just for kids - yoyo workshops make a great team-building activity for adults, too.

Please contact Jeremy at for bookings and rates.