Jeremy McKay, Author

For years now I’ve be writing out my thoughts and experiences in the yoyo world through my blog. I’ve taken my writing into the arena of published work!

Book Mockup Yoyo.png

The first book in a series of planned guides to aspects of the modern yoyo world is now available worldwide!
I give you - How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business!
Join me as I guide you through building a small business out of my favourite hobby. Learn the mistakes to avoid and how to save time on your journey to make your hobby pay, whatever that may be!

Learn how to:

-set up a small business and plan for growth-stand out with your own unique marketing strategy
-stay front and center on social media
-design and source high quality product
-make those sales both direct and wholesale

Below is my first published piece of writing. It started as an experiment in formatting a book and setting it up for sale on Amazon. People started buying it and telling me how much they enjoyed it, so it’s available in now in print or ebook on!

The Duck: How to Make Them Pay
A Guide to the Coming Duckpocalypse

Once the Facebook BST&Talk community decided that our community designed yoyo should be called “The Ducc” it was no surprise that I became a magnet for duck memes. When a link to a book on Amazon hit my inbox pointing out the epic review, I had to write a response. The book “Ducks and How to Make Them Pay” by William Cook is a guide to raising and selling ducks. The one review at the time simply stated “Not the duck specific revenge manual I was hoping for". Of course I couldn’t let that stand, so I wrote the duck specific revenge manual you all need.

It’s available exclusively through amazon, click the picture or the link below to get your copy!