Diamond Yoyo Holsters - a 5 year old brand new product from Rain City Skills

First up - Yoyo holsters
5 years ago while we were in Prague for the world championship, my wife stumbled across a leather worker at a market who was making leather keychains.  She asked if he could make them bigger for yoyos.  Well...she found someone who could be an interpreter and ask for her.  She was told to return the next day and he made a couple dozen. I gave them away, but was inspired.  Andra and I brainstormed design modifications (the original opened wide and risked the yoyo falling out) and came up with the design for the Diamond Yoyo Holster.
I made a bunch, but the cost of materials was high and I didn’t have the necessary brand recognition to market them. 

A couple months ago I looked into getting them made for me. I sourced out a factory that could produce them at a reasonable price.  I tested a sample, told them what I wanted changed (the snap was too week) and ordered 600 (minimum order). A month later they arrived...with the wrong snap.  I negotiated a partial refund, but was left with a big pile of useless holsters!

So i’m back to hand-made.  I’ve decided to strip out the hardware and re-make them to my specifications. I’ve been using this holster design for 5 years myself. I love it because it’s short enough it doesn’t bounce around too much, and is really ease to use one-handed. I think you will love them!

You can grab yours here:

Diamond Yoyo Holster