The Author, The Sk8r and The book - How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business

It’s release time! 3 drops today

  1. The Author - The new signature yoyo of Mryoyothrower. - Click here

  2. The Sk8r SB - Jeff Anderson Dye - Click here

  3. The Book - How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business

    1. Ebook - Free with the purchase of The Author Yoyo

    2. Paperback - Autographed Pre-order

    3. Hardcover - Autographed Pre-order

Add either the Paperback or the Hardcover book to your cart with THe Author and get 30% off the book! Pre-orders will ship mid-late September. Ebook download will be provided by a Bookfunnel download link that will be emailed out shortly after ordering.

Any questions, please find me on Facebook or Instagram @mryoyothrower, or via email at

Happy shopping!