School Fundraiser?

Does your school leadership team want to fundraise for a charity?
Do you need to raise money for school projects, trips and more?

Why not yoyos with:


Do a fundraiser in your school selling old-school toys! 

Yoyos, Kendama, Begleri and more! 

It's easy and fun for the kids

Raising Money & Having Fun


funds raised for schools

and charities so far

Partner with Mr. Yoyothrower to raise funds for school equipment, help your student leadership club raise money for charity, and more! Mr Yoyothrower will provide options for skill toys ranging from $5 to $30 and your school will receive a significant portion of each sale. This can be a stand alone activity, or can run in conjunction with a assembly show or a day of yoyo workshops!


"Mr. Yoyothrower has been a hit with the children at our day care. They were amazed by his tricks and eager to give yoyoing a try. Jeremy definitely knows how to capture their attention and teach our children the basics of yoyoing!"

- Pauline Yang, Spare Time Connection


"Everyone loves a yoyo! The perfect fundraiser for schools, these high quality yoyos are great for beginners and experts alike, offering parents and kids affordable access to a time-honoured pastime. Add in all the tips, tricks and videos available on his website, and there are hours of fun strung up into one little yoyo! Thanks a million, Mr. Yoyothrower!"

- Robyn Stubbs, President of the Suncrest Elementary PAC

Mr. Yoyothrower is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but can provide support for fundraisers and contacts for local yoyo consultants in many other regions.

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