How to pick a yoyo trick

Stuck in a Yoyo Rut

I haven’t learned a new trick in years.  That’s not as significant as it sounds, as I’m still yoyoing often, and still making new tricks, but the drive to learn other peoples tricks has faded.  I don’t know why, it could be my interest is in other areas of the yoyo world, it could be that I have plenty to do with the elements I know.  Difficulty might be an issue, it’s not easy learning a new pattern of yoyo movements.  I know it’s not due to a lack of tutorials or demo videos.  Part of it is that I stopped competing (at least in 1a).

I think everyone hits this point from time to time.  When you pull out your yoyo it’s easier to slip into the comfortable groove of the combos you’ve worked hard to master and get smooth.  If you have only got a few minutes to yoyo then you don’t want to get partway into learning a trick only to stop and have to go back and start again next time. 

A piece of it is screen time.  My yoyoing practice time has always been when I’m out walking.  When I started I spent a lot of time watching tutorials, but now my screen time is mostly dedicated to working on things for Return Top Shop.  When I am out walking I don’t watch tutorials because it eats up data (yes I know I could download and load onto my phone, but then I would have to remember I want to do that when I’m at my computer :P).  I also don’t walk to and from work anymore.  My wife and I moved in with my father in law to take care of him, and that changed my commute from a 20 minute walk to a 1.5 hour transit.  Less dedicated yoyo time.

Have you hit this rut?  Did you get out of it?  If so, how?